Feb 25, 2015


 photo 3_2.jpg This time around I dug into my outfit file. I have a ton of outfits that I haven't posted from before I cut my hair. I just get really excited when I make new shoots and just want to upload them IMMEDIATELY. So! I just had to stop being such a maniac about that and post the outfits that are supposed to be next! In this one I'm wearing the very fun patterned pants from Lazy Oaf. Man but are they short!!!! My little butt cheek was peeking out, so I slapped some bike shorts on them and resolved! Besides, I kind of like the look of bike shorts under shorts. But shorts like this one... super hot pants! More on my blogs! www.supakid.tumblr.com
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Feb 18, 2015


 photo IMG_7501.jpg

This shoot is special to me! Why? I designed the pattern on the pants!!! I've always had an obsession with patterns and last year my pattern making obsession took another step thanks to the guys at Print All Over Me. I found this platform while browsing patterns on the internet and just came across it in it's early stages. I am in love with the PAOM platform. I finally have a place to actually see my pattern designs come alive.The pieces may not be cheap, but what I love about them is the fabrics that they use, the awesomely well made pieces of clothing, but they really excel at the quality of the print. The pattern looks perfect.

I think my wardrobe will change a bit, because of this. I am uploading at least on pattern per week, so you can expect many new designs being uploaded ever week.

If you want to know more about my store at Print All Over me you can check it out here!


If you see a specific pattern that you like, but want it on a different piece of clothing, just contact me and I will upload it for you!!!

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Feb 4, 2015


 photo _DSF7290.jpg

This week It's all about pastels and patterns. When is it NOT about patterns. these may be my favorite shorts yet. These Lazy oaf pattern shorts are really easy to pair up with anything. They do run a bit big, so I had to take them in quite a few inches. But once that's fixed they are comfortable and fun. The best thing about this look really It's the wall. I went to a local shopping mall and you can see that they haven't renovated sense the 90s and thank god for that because the tiles outside and inside the mall are crazy beautiful.

 More on www.supakid.tumblr.com

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Feb 3, 2015


Today was a big surprise for me. I got featured on lookbook's instagram page!!! That is a huge thing coming from Lookbook! I was annoyingly happy all day. Thank YOU, who hype and like my outfits and find me amusing enough to follow what I do.  I will keep documenting my outfits, 'cause I really want to look back 50 years from now and say "OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING"

Jan 28, 2015


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Where I live It's summer all year round. I live in Puerto Rico and as you can see, I'm limited to a certain type of clothing. Polyester is a sweat trap, velvet can suck your soul, and the fabric on THIS dress was death. I love layering so It's always a challenge to do that here when the clothes are probably going to end up with beautiful sweat stains. I couldn't keep this dress on for more that a few minutes at a time, BUT I LOVED IT. It's he perfect dress to go to the movies and snuggle up with that cold and just be as comfortable as you can. The only thing that I have to my advantage is that I get cold REALLY fast, so yeah, let's wear this to the office! thanks to my awesome boyfriend for the photos! More on the blogs! supakid.tumblr.com

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Jan 20, 2015


 photo Supakid_Look2_3.jpg

What I love about this look is the skirt. I've had this skirt for a few years now and although I love all It's glitter attribute, It was a long, tight skirt, without both slits on the side,( I did that later ). So I rearly wore it for it being to uncomfortable. I don't really like being confined to my clothes. Although, I sometimes do like showing off in a tight dress, It's a rare occurrence. Specially sense anything tight around my waist gives me heart burn. So, after a while of the skirt hanging in my closet without any use, I decided to snip the sides and create the long slits so I could walk more freely and play with layers, tights and shorts underneath. For this look I decided to keep it simple and free, as you can see.

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Jan 14, 2015


 photo Supakid_Look1_10.jpg

I know I'm a bit late, but here is the first look of 2015! Finally got my butt to post something! This was a colab shot my stephanie segarra and styled by me. The shoes are the best thing ever. Got them at the super big black friday sale at solestruck. A MAJOR bargain. I can't seem to be able to take them off, they are super weird and aamazing shoes.

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Dec 30, 2014


I am currently in love with this skirt. Found it at a Beacon's closet in NY and I have worn it hundreds of times sense then. It's a very fuzzy, comfortable and great looking skirt. It's a definite head turner, especially for It's fuzzyness.
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Dec 17, 2014


 photo 1-2-2.jpg

 THE PANTS.... Scored them on a Lazy oaf sale back in summer. These pants define everything I love about patterns. They have the right colors and the perfect shapes. I am in love in love with them.

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Nov 25, 2014


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 photo paome_900bee40-0908-0132-b2a9-0a6cc5f50b80place_VppURp1REOdCfM4E5QB9_patron2.png

I am SOOOOOO excited to show you my Q&A with Print all over me!!!! They made me a featured print designer and I can't stop jumping from joy! Along with it, you can check the x-mast collection on here where they picked 2 of my designs to be on the special holiday collection! :D
You can also check out the rest of my collection here! I upload new patterns and designs every week!

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Nov 18, 2014


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Back in summer I went to the amazing stores L Train Vintage thrift stores. I immediately fell in love with ever piece of clothing they have in each store. They have super reachable prices and their constantly getting new stuff. If you are in NYC look them up on Yelp and visit them! They are all over town with 7 stores!

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Nov 5, 2014

Print All Over Me

I have been selected by Print All Over Me for their holiday collection!!!! My patterns were made into dresses and clutches say whaaaaaa. Check the collection for supakid! SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!


Nov 3, 2014


 photo 4-40.jpg

Another outfit from my NY trip back in summer. Yes, let's keep on remembering summer, with our colorful palette and jelly shoes.

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Oct 27, 2014


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I unintentionally paired this top with the halloween season, but I finally got the chance to use this cool patterned shirt from American Apparel. I don't usually use red, but the pattern is so good and simple that I had to get it. The best thing about this shirt Is that I bought it at half price at the NY outlet. I had been eyeing this shirt the whole time when I was on my trip back in july. Found the outlet and they had the shirt super cheap! Nothing better like like a great bargain.

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Oct 14, 2014


 photo 5-27.jpg

 A simple look. Paired off with a chunky necklace and some chunky Aggy Docs. I had fun in the post production of this look, creating the grid pattern for the background. You know how obsessed I get with patterns and this one being geometrical is deff a must.

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Sep 23, 2014


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Ok! So Im back! AGAIN! My computer died on me for 3 weeks! I thought I had lost all the data ( which included all the outfits ) forever. Luckily my trusty dad came to the rescue and found a way to tap into the broken hard drive and save all the info I had on my computer. The only thing is that I cut my hair in those 3 weeks, so you will see me with long hair in some pictures and short hair in others.

Now, Let's talk about the outfit! I love how much fun I had with it. The tee and the socks were a huge coincidence that I found both in my summer trip to NY, so yeah, i HAD to wear them together. L Train Vintage became one of my favorite thrift place to go shop, I found those amazing pants there, and they were a mere $8!

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